Is JetBoil the New Must-Have For a Lineman’s Storm Bag

The guys were standing around the back of the truck on break. They’d been on storm now for over a week, traveling back and forth between the coast and the mountains as storms seemed to come in procession. There hadn’t been a chance for a decent meal, they were standing in over a foot of snow and noticeable steam rolled off the top of tin camping mugs in the mountain cold.

A few of them wrapped their hands around the mugs, happy to have the warmth. Others sipped the contents carefully while listening to the conversation.

There was a combination of smells – chicken noodle soup, beef stew, hot cocoa, coffee. They were 40 miles to the nearest town, there was no way to get there quickly in this snow and no way to keep anything warm enough to produce any kind of steam.

On the back of the truck, a JetBoil was taking it’s turn with the next lineman’s hot meal, a packet of Lipton chicken noodle soup. A variety of choices lay in the waterproof container beside it. Mountain House meals was among them, a meal packet typically used for hikers. Ready in just 10 minutes, these meals in a bag are full of nutrition and flavor.

It wasn’t clear who brought the Jetboil, but the happy linemen standing around the back of the truck getting warm, getting much-needed calories in the middle of a snowstorm in the mountains was all we needed to decide that every lineman should consider having a Jetboil in their storm bag. Freeze dried food, instant coffee and hot chocolate and soups don’t take up to much space and are a much-needed change when you’re tired of protein bars and water.


It doesn’t take much to get a JetBoil in your storm bag and start making nutritious meals while you’re on the go. Here’s what you’ll need:

A stabilizer isn’t necessary, but is nice to have if you’re cooking on an uneven surface like the back of a truck.

The mess kit below is light weight and won’t take up to much space, while providing everything you’ll need to cook on your Jetboil.


You don’t need to rely on Amazon or a camping/hiking store to buy ready-to-eat meals. You can grab packets of soup that are ready for water at nearly any grocery store. There are many bulk food suppliers that have been selling MREs for decades. Having them on hand at home when you’re packing your storm bag will make it easy to grab and go.

With 2020 being a 22 Billion dollar storm year, it’s likely 2021 will follow suit. We 100% believe that Jetboil is the new must-have for every lineman’s storm bag. Heck, we’re thinking this might be the new must-have lineman tool for those 16 hour work days too.

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