Do you have what it takes to power the world?

Becoming a lineman takes years of dedication and hard work. If you want to become a lineman, you will need to be able to work in all weather conditions – which is where our phrase “Wind, Rain or Hurricane” came from. Linemen LITERALLY run into storms. Work in feet of snow. Work in rain. Work in areas impacted by massive storms (and therefore have no power, food and other amenities).

You can become a lineman in various ways, but over the years, we have learned these avenues are the most successful…

  1. Sign the books at a local union hall.
  2. Attend a vocational or trade school.
  3. Try to get a coveted apprentice position at a local power company or co-op.

The most successful candidates are those that get their CDL license before applying. How to do this varies by state.

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